Kingdom Rush Game

Kingdom Rush is the very first part of the famous tower defense game series. In each game of this series the player will have to defend the kingdom from the attacks of various creatures, such as: trolls, orcs and other nasty creatures! The game is set in medieval fantasy, where enemies are sneaking up on your castle. They move along the winding path along which the player must place defensive fortifications. In total you have 4 types of defensive towers: archers, bombers, mages and barracks with knights. Each type of tower is good in its own way. Archers shoot hundreds of arrows at enemies, Bombers drop bombs, Magicians attack enemies with magic and barracks train Knights, who go straight into the path of the enemy and fight them in close combat. Build all types of towers along the path and choose the most suitable locations so that the towers attack the enemies as effectively as possible.

How to play?

The entire Kingdom Rush game is divided into levels, in each of which, you need to withstand a certain number of attack waves. Each wave consists of several dozen enemies, so you need to prepare for the worst. Build as many defensive towers as possible and don't forget to upgrade them. For each enemy killed you get coins to spend on building new towers or to improve existing ones. Between levels, you also have access to level up your buildings. You can level up each type of turret separately, improving their characteristics: rate of fire, damage, and area of effect. It is also possible to level up the value of your buildings. Note that in each level there is a limited number of places to build defensive towers.

Get ready for an exciting adventure and unforgettable feats in the beloved game "Kingdom Rush"! Fight through forests, mountains and deserts, switching up your defensive strategy with every level. Unleash flames on your enemies, deploy your reinforcements, and purchase powerful heroes to fight at your side for the rest of the game. Do your best to save your kingdom from the dark forces! Ready to defend your kingdom and fight the legendary monsters? Then go for it!

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