Cyberpunk: Dead Humanity Game

"Cyberpunk: Dead Humanity" — is a third-person shooter in which you have to start a war between humans and robots. The game is set in the distant future of 2077, where cyber-virus is spreading and robots are going crazy all over the world, threatening the survival of humanity. A sea of adventures awaits you in the open world, in a very cool night city, a metropolis shrouded in glamour and various body modifications. You will be playing the role of a mercenary criminal, with one single goal, to find an implant that will grant immortality. The game will start with the fact that you will find yourself in the city with only a gun and a couple of bullets. Look for the boxes in which you can find ammo and weapons. Start exploring the huge city where everything will be up to you!

Try to become a real cybercriminal or an urban mercenary equipped with cybernetic enhancement, create your own story on these night city streets. Use different advanced weapons, upgrade to become the badass shooter of this city. Your task is to destroy all enemies or those who get in your way!

As you enter this world, prepare for new viewpoints, set standards and experience the complexity and depth of this city. Travel around the metropolis, explore the areas, they will be covered by different armed gangs, fight with them. Many in Knight City struggle to make quick gains, but not everyone succeeds. The city of the future hides so many secrets, and you will have to solve them all! Take on this dangerous job, find the implant that is the key to immortality. Try to do your best to get it. You might be the one to discover the meaning of eternal life, but first you'll have to fight the corporate leaders, crooks, and other bosses of the night city.

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