Idle Craft Clicker Game

Welcome to the fascinating casual game called "Idle Craft Clicker", which will take you to the Stone Age, where you will have to build your home to survive in this harsh world! The game tells the story of how one quiet summer evening your house was suddenly hit by a meteor shower that flattened it to the ground! Now you must begin from scratch to build a new, reliable shelter that will protect you from terrible weather disasters.

How to play?

Hire as many workers as you can and have them work as hard as you can. Every time they fall asleep from fatigue, you should immediately call the elder to wake them up with a cup of invigorating drink. Dig deep trenches through hard layers of rock. Earn gold coins and improve the characteristics of your subordinates, such as speed, passive earning and number of workers. Thanks to these actions, you'll greatly increase their productivity. Continuously click on the playing field to speed up the excavation process. Pick up bonuses falling from the sky, which will allow you to slightly increase your progress. You will visit many colorful locations, namely: wild jungle, desert, Japanese landscape, snowy forest and even the surface of Mars. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

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