Heroic Battle Clicker Game

In the fairytale kingdom, all was well, and people cherished each day without a hint of trouble. However, one moment changed everything irrevocably. Upon waking one morning, the castle's inhabitants were greeted with a sky as black as night, and the land lay lifeless. Not a tree, plant, or animal could survive. In the distance, they loomed an enormous and terrifying monster camp, fueled by an ominous green beam from the sky. The anticipation of a tremendous heroic battle for humanity gripped everyone.

In the game "Heroic Battle," you must defend the fortress as the leading warlord responsible for the kingdom's people. The primary objective is to destroy the increasingly fortified monster camp with each level. Initially, you have only one knight at your disposal. As you destroy monsters and progress through levels, you'll earn coins and crystals to fortify the castle's defenses and enhance its safety margin. Pay attention to your army; upgrade existing warriors and recruit new ones. Each warrior has three types of weapons that can be enhanced with crystals, improving their attributes and granting additional abilities. In addition to knights, you'll have four other soldier types: archers, mages, barbarians, and samurai.

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How to play?

Begin by fully upgrading your knight's weapons. Purchase all other soldiers (archers, barbarians, mages, and samurai). While you can buy multiple warriors of the same type simultaneously, they'll come at a higher cost. Remember that barbarians boast the highest health, so always ensure they're present in your army. They can absorb the brunt of the damage, allowing other warriors to deal sustained damage. To dispatch monsters more swiftly, click on them as frequently as possible. They'll sustain damage even if no warriors are nearby. Prepare for a boss battle every ten levels; be ready to engage. Ready your finger for rapid and prolonged mouse clicks. Defeat all the monsters and restore peace and tranquility to the fairytale kingdom!

Game Details:
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  • The game's release date is September 2017.
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