Counterfeit Cat Nine Lives Game

Welcome to the game "Counterfeit Cat Nine Lives"! Today you will meet a very extreme cat, who is sure that he has nine lives and he can take risks. For you, this cat has prepared a new challenge with adventure, in which you will need to help him move safely in the building and collect coins. He needs to go through all those places in which he lives. But it will not be easy at all, because there will be different obstacles waiting for him there. You need to help him to pass them not to loose all his nine lives. Ready? Then let's begin!

And so, in front of you on the playing field you will see a path in some building, on which with all his paws will run your fake hero cat. On his way there will be various obstacles, which you will need to either run around the side, or jump over them at speed. In front of you will be a variety of useful items and food. You will have to collect it all. You will also come across your enemies, from which you can also fight off. When a genuine cat sees them he will have to engage them in battle. Manage his movements deftly so as not to miss to hit the opponent hard and thus destroy him. Adversaries such as mice will also attack you. Try to fight back correctly and get over the correct distance, so that the cat can safely return home. Have a good time and enjoy the game!

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