Cat Rope Game

Welcome to the very interesting game "Cat Rope"! Today you will meet a very charming cat, which loves to play one very fun game for her and wants to play it with you with pleasure. The cat is tired of playing with balls, fish or other toys that her owners offered her. She had a big string, and she decided to do something with it. Kitty bought lots of sweet cupcakes, which she would tie to the rope and catch the cupcakes. But for this she will need your help, because in order to get the cupcakes the rope must be properly cut. So, ready to start playing a fun cat game? Then let's begin!

And so, in front of you you will see on the playing field kitty, which has already prepared everything and is waiting for the start of the game. She has a lot of levels for you, which you should pass with her to get the main prize. As soon as you start the game you'll see the cat string in front of you, that will be hanging in the air, and the cupcake will be attached to it. Watch which way the rope will wiggle and cut it in the place where the pussycat is, so as you cut the rope the cupcake will fall into the pussycat's mouth. Along with this collect gold stars, unlock hidden prizes and new exciting levels in this exciting game! Have fun with cat rope and enjoy the game!

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