Crash Stunts Demolition Game

"Crash Stunts Demolition" is a fascinating game, here you will not just drive cars, but also do stunts. Large arena, a lot of ramps, ramps. In front of you full freedom of action.

Today you have a real chance to become a cool racer. You will also enjoy and drive cool cars. Riding on incredibly difficult tracks with obstacles that will give you a big dose of adrenaline. You will be given a choice of 8 cars: BMW, Mustang, Ferrari, Chevrolet Corvette, Lamborghini, and others. To buy them collect money from all over the map. You will also receive cash rewards for coolly performed stunts.

How to play?

Fasten your seat belt and start the game. In each car will include all the stabilizers, through what, the car will be well controlled, but about drifting in general you can score. But how so? What is this game without drifting! You can turn all these stabilizers off in the game settings. Experiment, adjust each car as you like. You can also change the color of the speedometer. Do not waste time in vain, go to the arena. We wish you good luck in performing all the crazy stunts!

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