TAYO Garage Station Game

Tayo and his friends are waiting for you in the garage! Help our little bus friends drive smoothly. After a hard day's work, the buses are very tired and they need a check-up to get cleaned up and ready for the next working day. Welcome to the bus garage station, where you will be the personal handyman for our lovely buses. Work awaits you, from car washing to maintenance, as well as many other garage chores. Ready to get to work? Then let's get started! The first thing you need to do is wash your bus, because after a whole day of driving it's all dirty. Soap it up good and then rinse it off with water. Next, look under the hood, some parts are out of order and need to be replaced. We also have a problem with the wheel, it's punctured and now you need to make a note of it. Remove the old wheel and put a new one in. There you go, in just a few seconds your bus already looks great. But that's not all, there are many more interesting processes ahead of you that will completely restore your bus. So do your best to get all the work done. Good luck!

Category: Bus Games
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