Brawl Stars: Game

"" is a cool multiplayer game where you can play several rounds with live players in real time. It will be exciting and just mega cool! "" is a collaboration of the famous games "Among Us" and "Brawl Stars". The characters here are very similar to your favorite brawlers, and the rules of the game itself are identical to Among As. The first thing to do is to create a skin for your player. You will be able to choose the hairstyle, cool clothes and other wardrobe elements and not only. Play with colors and you can turn the player into your favorite brawler.

How to play?

You need 12 people to start the game. When the required number of participants is reached, the game starts! At the beginning everyone is secretly given the role of traitor or peaceful player. The traitor's task is to cause chaos and kill as many peaceful players as possible. Imposters may become invisible for a while and attack other players. The peaceful players, on the other hand, must perform tasks and identify traitors.

If one of the participants finds the body of a dead person or if there is a suspicion of someone from the team, an urgent meeting is called in the main hall. This requires several players to press the call button. During the meeting, the players discuss who the possible traitor is and vote. The player who is voted against by many is eliminated and turns into a ghost. Also, all dead bravlers turn into a ghost. They can pass through walls, prank and perform tasks, but they cannot take part in the voting and give away the traitor. This game will be a real killer of free time, because it is not so easy to stop! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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