Hero 4: Claws Game

Welcome to "Hero 4: Claws", an exciting new action game that puts you in the role of the character from the acclaimed Prototype series and rips apart all the enemies in your path! Get ready to go it alone against an army of armed soldiers that have invaded a small village in the middle of the mountains. Your hero will be armed with sharp claws that he will have to slice through the enemy squads of infantry!

How to play?

Use your superhuman abilities to shorten the distance to your enemies in the blink of an eye. Jump onto the roofs of buildings and launch surprise attacks, eliminating one enemy after another. Some soldiers are clad in tough armour that you'll need to rip away with your razor-sharp claws first. There are plenty of exciting levels ahead of you, each one with a plan to take out all the enemies on the map. Unleash a veritable bloodbath, mercilessly ripping everyone apart. Apply your all-around punch to decapitate enemies nearby. Wounded enemies will also pose a threat, so mercilessly finish them off with your crushing attacks. With realistic physics and high-quality 3D graphics, the game will give you a lot of positive experiences and allow you to release accumulated stress!

Category: Boys Games
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  • - movement
  • - jump
  • - claw strike / throw enemy
  • - throw on target
  • - circular kick
  • - run
  • - grab enemy
  • - menu