Ludo Hero Game

The game "Ludo Hero" is an updated, bright and colorful version of the famous board game - Ludo. Will you become the hero of the classic board game in this exciting online version? Choose your avatar before you roll the dice. Will you be able to get all your tokens to the finish line area as you play against the computer or play against other real people from around the world? There are 2 main modes available to you in the game, against the computer and against real people and in each mode you can play two, or four.

How to play?

Roll Ludo's dice and move your tokens to get to the center of the board. Defeat other opponents and become King Ludo in this multiplayer game. Just enter your game nickname and play against real players from around the world. Play with bots in 2 or 4 player mode to learn how to play and then get down to the real online mode.

The rules remain the same. Players roll the die in order and it indicates a random number from 1 to 6. If they roll a 6, the player can move their chip to the beginning of the path. If he rolls a 6 again, he moves another chip. If there are no counters to move, the right to move is passed to the next player. The game continues until one of the players has moved all of his chips to the center of the board. Then he wins, becomes the Ludo hero and defeats the other players. Of course, everything can change in the next game, but it mostly depends on luck!

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