Backgammon Game

"Backgammon" is a board game for two players, it takes place on a special wooden board that is divided into two halves. This game has won many hearts of players who love games of this genre. Players alternately have to roll the dice and move the chips according to the dropped points on the game board. You have to pass the checkers a full circle around the board to get to your house and throw them off the board. Today you'll be playing short Backgammon, it's suitable for smart kids and adults alike!

Get ready for a game of Backgammon that takes place on a board made up of 24 narrow triangles called points. All of these triangles are alternated by color and arranged in 4 groups of 6 triangles each. All points are numbered for each player separately, starting with that player's home. The furthest point is the 24th point and it is also the first point for the opponent. The White's stations are numbered clockwise; the Black's stations are numbered counterclockwise. All of these points are grouped and named as follows: the house (1-6), the yard (7-12), the opponent's house (19-24) and the opponent's yard (13-18).

How to play?

To start playing Backgammon you first have to roll one die together with the other player. This determines which of you moves first and which numbers one of you uses for his first move. If you get the same numbers, you keep rolling the dice until you get different values. If you roll a higher number, you move your checkers to match the numbers on both dice. After the first move you and your friend take turns rolling two dice and making your moves. Remember that the checkers always move in one direction only. From points with larger numbers to points with smaller numbers. For White - counter-clockwise, and for Black - clockwise. The following rules are applied: a checker can move only to an open point, i.e. to the point that is not occupied by two or more checkers of the opposite color. The winner of the game is the one who brought all his pieces to the house and removed them from the board first until the second player does it. We wish in the game of "Backgammon" that you do it first! Good luck!

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