Batman: Caped Crusader Chase Game

Gotham City Bank has been robbed by the villain Enigma and his men. Now all depositors of the bank risk bankruptcy and may be left without their money. But Commissioner Gordon sounds the alarm and a bat signal lights up the sky. Seeing him Batman always rushes to the rescue! And this time will be no exception. Only after seeing the alarm signal our brave hero goes after the villains.

How to play?

In Caped Crusader Chase game you will have to help Batman catch up with the criminals, put them in jail and return the stolen money back to the bank vault. The hero will run automatically, and the player needs to help him overcome all obstacles on his way, deftly maneuver between the obstacles that "kindly" prepared for Batman villains, and catch up with the bandits. On the way collect gold coins and can acquire cool bonuses that will help cope with all the dangers on the road. For example, the shield gives temporary invulnerability, the magnet attracts coins nearby, and lightning doubles the points earned. Such bonuses are sure to do the trick! Help Batman restore justice and come out the winner in this cool superhero rander. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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