Balloons vs Cubes Game

"Balloons vs Cubes" is a fun arcade game in which you have to shoot balls in such a way as to destroy as many glass cubes as possible! Your main goal is to shoot down the coloured tiles before they take up all the free space on the playing field. Click and hold the left mouse button to aim to launch the balls in the desired direction. Use the ricochet from walls and other cubes. Following these simple steps will allow you to hit many more targets in one salvo!

How to play?

Collect additional balls to increase the number of projectiles released. The number on each block will indicate the number of successful hits you need to make on it. The game is over when at least one of the blocks reaches the bottom. Gain energy to launch the rocket, which will be able to destroy all obstacles in its path! Click the button in the bottom left corner to hurry the balloons back. Earn gold coins and buy new brightly colored looks, like ball lightning, shuriken, basketball and lots more. Thanks to the pleasant graphics and colorful effects, you can have a great time and get a lot of positive impressions! We wish you good luck!

Category: Balloon Games
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