Pixel Color Kids Game

Coloring books are a wonderful way to develop a child and do it in a playful way. After all, kids will not sit for long in boring and uninteresting books, but a coloring book will bring them more fun and benefit. Nowadays, children from small years are able to actively use gadgets and paper books with pictures have been replaced by no less interesting pixel coloring books. If your kid loves this kind of coloring, then welcome to the game "Pixel Color Kids"!

How to play?

Twenty bright and colorful pixel pictures await players here. There are cute objects and charming creatures: a dog, a duckling, a ladybug, a bee, a little penguin, a lion, a minion, a house, flowers, a watermelon slice, a cheerful pumpkin, a ship and a couple of superheroes. You can select any picture and start coloring. In the centre of the screen is the image, and on the left side of it will be a block with flowers. You need to colour the picture by pixels, using the correct colours. To do this, pay attention to the color of the little cube in the center of each pixel. This tiny hint will help you to quickly cope with the task. This colorful and entertaining game for kids will be a real boon for parents. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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