Harajuku Street Fashion #Hashtag Challenge Game

All the fashionistas and fashionistas quickly run along! Today we're going to turn into cool cosplayers and head to the Harajuku district! It's a real epicenter of unusual fashion in Tokyo, which is known by all fashionistas and anime fans not only in Japan, but also far beyond! Fans of kawaii styles and cosplay gather here to mingle and show off their chic outfits. They look rather strange and pretentious on the streets of the metropolis, but they fit perfectly into the Harajuku style and look very appropriate for this street.

How to play?

In "Harajuku Street Fashion #Hashtag Challenge" we'll try to pick up a chic image and join the ranks of anime fashionistas. The first thing to do is to go shopping and buy a couple of interesting things. After that, you can open a variety of fashion hashtags and pick up under them stylish bows. Then you need to take beautiful photos and post them on social media. For cool images that will meet the style of the hashtag, you will receive money and can buy new things. Become the most fashionable cosplayer and try on bows that would be great images for anime characters. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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