My Talking Angela Game

"My Talking Angela" is a well-known and popular game that you can play here and right now! Today you will get to know a cute kitty chatterbox Angela, who is able to fall in love with you from the very first minutes of gameplay! This most stylish, fashionable, and beautiful snow-white cat is ready to talk to you and spend her free time together in "My Talking Angela" game! Get your own pet and take care of it every day! Are you ready to spend your free time with the smartest talking Angela? No time to waste, and let's go have some fun!

How to play?

And so, you are greeted by the cutest talking cat Angela, who urgently needs your help! Angela is a virtual pet whose lifestyle you will surely love! Your task in the game is to have a great time playing with Angela the cat! She has five places in her home that you need to visit with her! Lift her spirits with gifts and listen to her favorite music! Angela the cat will also want you to take care of her! Feed her my favorite food, play together with her, bathe her in the bathtub with the snowiest foam washing it off under the shower. Also, don't forget to put her to bed to build up her energy for spending time with you the next day.

What the talking cat will lack the most you will see on the icons at the bottom of the playing field, which will show the percentage of what she needs most. For example, if the spoon and fork icon shows 10 percent, then you need to feed her, otherwise she will offend you and do not want to play with you anymore! We wish you have fun with talking cat Angela and spend your free time with her! Good Luck!

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