Among Us Space Imposter 3D Game

Welcome aboard the spaceship! And do not think that you are here by accident! Today you will take on the role of a brave hero and save your crew. Are you ready to take on this responsibility and accomplish this important mission? Then, welcome to the game "Among As: Space Imposter 3D".

How to play?

Your character will be a green crew member, who will have to complete a series of tasks and destroy the traitor team. The first level is to rescue the peaceful astronauts. To do this, you must destroy all the patrolmen, and then sneak into the hypersleep compartment. The astronauts will be sleeping peacefully in their seats, unaware of what is happening on board. Next the green amongasser must sneak into the main deckhouse and disable the bomb, which was planted by traitors in case of disobedience of the crew members.

Now you will not be alone, but your rescued comrades will join you. Imposters won't notice them, but you will still be in the crosshairs. To avoid detection, you must attack from the back and not get caught by the red beam of the imposter. The number of enemies will be displayed in the lower left corner of the game. This will help to know the threat and the number of imposters. Help the "Among Us" team to destroy the invaders and get your spaceship back. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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