Amelite Game

"Amelite" is a two-dimensional platformer that will unleash your creativity. Create your own path and choose the right solutions by drawing your personal platforms. The power is always in your hands! It sounds so inspiring that it makes you want to immediately go on a journey and find your own path!

How to play?

In "Amelite", an adventure game for girls, you will play a little adventurer who finds herself in a big, mysterious tower. It is filled with dangerous crystals that grow from almost everywhere: from the walls, floor and even from the ceiling. Amelite has one very unusual helper, who can help the girl to overcome all dangers. With the help of a funny ink creature, you will be able to draw platforms, which will help to climb to the top of the tower and find the way to freedom. Demonstrate wonders of agility and speed, as well as, cleverness to find the right path and return home. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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