A4 Jigsaw Game

Are you ready to begin a cool logic game called "A4 Jigsaw", in which your task will be to solve jigsaw? Then what are you waiting, it's time to begin! We've picked up for you the most amazing and high-quality images, which will depict computer character Vlad and his friends from his team. Show maximum focus and try to collect pictures as quickly as possible! There are 3 difficulty levels available in the game: beginner - 25 jigsaw, expert - 49, master - 100. Choose the one that suits you best. If you want to unlock the next pictures, you just have to buy them. You have enough money. Collect as many points per game as possible, and become a leader in this game in terms of points. Try to pass the level of wizard, for this you will get the maximal amount of points. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

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