Survival of the Smartest Game

There is a perception in the world that only the strongest always survives among all. But today we are ready to disprove it. Do you want to test your intelligence level at the cost of your own life? Scary, isn't it? Only the brave would agree to such a thing! Although if there is a virtual life at stake, you can and take a risk!

How to play?

In the horror game "Survival of the Smartest", you will find yourself at night at school. It will be dark with no living soul around, and only pale lamps illuminate the corridor with a dim light. Walk forward until you come across a blackboard at the end of the corridor. There will be a question and two choices on the board. First, you will simply choose whether to go left or right. This is where your terrifying adventure begins!

At the end of each school corridor another question will be waiting for the player. After each mistake, it will get darker and there will be sounds all around. There is someone here, in the darkness, waiting for you to make a mistake. You only have to rely on your intelligence and answer all questions correctly to survive. Otherwise, the one living in the darkness will be able to capture you!

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