Randomation Racing Speed Trial Demolition Game

"Randomation Racing Speed Trial Demolition" is a realistic game, in which you will drive around a large arena, doing just unreal stunts! Each of us, wants to feel this racing pleasure of competition. Big and smooth roads, unrealistically fast speed. It is a dream to become a pilot in a rally. But enough of these dreams! Today you have a chance to drive steep cars and feel this unreal speed and adrenaline. Just imagine what the driver feels when he is driving on the track, it is simply a non-transferable feeling. It is today that you will be able to experience them.

How to play?

The control of the car is very well designed. You can control it with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Also, there will be not only racing, but also a survival mode - the Arena. On it you will be doing tricks, racing with other players throughout this large location. And most importantly, it is more realistic damage to the cars! Every collision, the slightest impact at high speed against some obstacle, can end badly. If you will do dangerous stunts and your car will fall from the big height, you will have to start the level from the beginning. To pass the game quickly, you won't get, there are only 100 levels in the game. Each one is unique, and it will require from you maximal concentration. If you are ready, then get behind the wheel and start the test of strength. Good luck!

Category: Car Stunt Games
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